Issue 37- September ‘16

30 Aug, 2016

Issue 37- September ‘16

Welcome to Special Voices

Special Voices is a group of parent/carers of children, young people & adults with disabilities/additional needs. We are all volunteers working in partnership with the Slough Children’s Services Trust and voluntary organisations to help shape and develop future services in Slough through participation and co-production where all of your views are taken into account that you share with us, without you we couldn’t change things for all children/young people/adults in Slough.

Our mission is to raise awareness about the rights and needs of children/young people/adults with additional needs and to ensure that they and their families are consulted and participate in any decisions made during the planning and delivery of services for all our additional needs children/young people & adults.


079 9069 3439

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Drop – in Coffee Days 2016,


     ANYTIME BETWEEN:  9.30am – 1pm                           

16th September ***14th October  

18th November *** 9th December       

Drop – in Coffee Evenings


    ANYTIME BETWEEN: 7pm – 9pm    

19th September***17th October    21st November *** 12th December

Venue for both:    Friends Meeting House

   Ragstone Road.  Slough SL1 2PX

Our office: Every Monday (except Bank Holidays)

Drop – in anytime between 10.30am – 12.30pm

Classroom 3, Cippenham Baptist Church. 11 Elmshott Lane. SL1 5QS

Come in and find out how Special Voices can help support & provide information to you as parent/carers on a range of topics. This is where you can share your views and experiences with us about the services you use.

Special Voices Parent/Carer Participation Day


Friends Meeting House,

Ragstone Road, Slough SL1 2PX

Friday 16th September 2016.  10am – 12pm

Free parking, refreshments & light lunch provided

Guest speakers: Advocacy in Slough & Cornerstone

Special Voices would like to invite all parent/carers of disabled/additional needs children, young people & adults in Slough to a morning where you can find out more about how you as a parent/carer can participate in the future planning and delivery of services here in Slough that our children, young people & adults use.


Our topic: Short Breaks (6 week’s summer holiday) – Did you receive any? Where were they? How long were they? How much did you pay? Where did you find out about what was on offer? Come and tell us anonymously through our post-it note system even if you didn’t have any & why?

Special Voices would like to invite you to our A G M on Friday 14th October 2016 10am @ Friends Meeting House. Ragstone Road. Slough. SL1 2PX

Guest speaker: Michael Ireland from Adviza (Independent support through Education, Health & Care Plan process)


Free parking, refreshments & light lunch

Why not come along and join us for a coffee and share with us your experiences and your views which will be totally anonymous, if you can’t make it just email or call us as we want to know what Short Breaks you had, didn’t have, didn’t know about them, where and when?


We at Special Voices are always in need of volunteers and appreciate any amount of time parent/carers can spare, or skills they can bring to the group to help us in our work. If you would like to find out more on what volunteering involves, what it means to you, what is expected and so on then please contact: 07990693439, join us at one of our events or  at our office for a coffee and chat.