December 9, 20177:40 pm
We gain feedback through a post it note system it's interactive and fun. You can always feedback any time. Feedback helps improve services.
December 9, 20177:32 pm
Great participation day today your feedback is valued.. We need a youth feedback session on 21.12.17 can your kids and YP age 11-25 help?
December 8, 20171:13 pm
Coffee evening #slough #parentcarers 11.12.17 from 6pm - 8pm including relaxation session 6pm-7pm please book a place & bring a pillow
December 8, 201712:58 pm
December 8, 20177:16 am
We need your views at our family friendly event 09.12.17. #slough #parentcarers #participation day, buffet lunch,free gift please book
December 8, 20177:11 am
Do join us this morning to learn more from providers about #ehcp #localoffer followed by a free #twitter session +McDonald's please book
December 5, 20171:12 pm
Come along this Friday & find out how our Independent Supporters can help you through the #EHCP process
December 4, 20178:05 pm
November 30, 201712:54 pm
We had a great day at the Local Offer event, which was well attended. Here Mandy Gunn from @specialvoices meets the Deputy Mayor Councillor Paul Sohal.
November 30, 201712:51 pm
"We are alarmed that the needs of hundreds of thousands of people with mild or moderate learning disabilities have been overlooked." Read our response to the @DCP announcement
November 30, 201712:42 pm
"I think a lot of parent carers don't think they're carers. They think 'It's my child... I'm just looking after them.' They don't necessarily appreciate that they have rights."

#ICYMI, Lucy shares her story with @ITVWales & @CarersWales
November 27, 201712:22 pm
Fabulous scheme for anyone feeling vulnerable whilst out #safeplace
November 27, 201712:21 pm
How to avoid #carer burnout handy tips in this guide
November 24, 201712:47 pm
November 23, 201711:08 am
Local Offer Live 2017 still in full swing. Come along for further information at the Singh Sabba Sports Centre on street parking available
November 23, 201710:40 am
Local Offer Live 2017 happening now at the Singh Sabba Sports Centre in Slough. Lots of information about services.
November 22, 201710:38 pm
November 22, 20175:13 pm
Find out about services available for kids , young people or adults with special
educational needs or disabilities. Local Offer Live 2017 event 9.30am-1.30pm
Thurs 23 Nov at Singh Sabha Sports Centre SL1 3WX with @specialvoices Free entry & parking. ...
November 22, 20175:07 pm
Join us tomorrow at Local Offer Live 2017. See what's happening in #slough Free gift for #parentcarer, refreshments, play area for kids
November 20, 201710:08 pm
Tomorrow is #OurDay. Slough Borough Council and #localgov around the country will spend the day showcasing the work we do for our communities. Join us online from 8am. We're excited to tell you more! #Slough
November 20, 20176:03 pm
Relaxation session tonight 6-7, coffee 6-8
November 15, 20172:40 pm
Contact's Support Group Affiliation Scheme is here! Are you a member of a parent support group? Are you trying to get a new support group off the ground?
Join our new scheme today for all the advice, support and information ...
November 15, 20172:36 pm
November 15, 20172:35 pm
“People have this perception that someone with a learning disability cannot become a trustee. But we can.” #trusteesweek
November 15, 20177:01 am
Coffee day 17.11.17 9.30-13.00 please join us for a chat & info on the #localoffer all #slough #parentcarers welcome.
November 7, 201712:31 am
Lots happening this month!
Coffee Day AM 17.11.17, Coffee PM + relaxation, 20.11.17, Local Offer Live SEND Info Day 23.11.17
October 23, 20173:15 pm
Coffee evening tonight including a relaxation session...see you there
October 21, 201710:17 pm
October 16, 201710:24 am
One week left to book your free place on Monday 23rd Oct Relaxation class from 6-7pm pls call 07990 693439. Coffee evening 6-8pm as usual.